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6 - 8:30PM

Cost £100.00


Are you interested in dressmaking?

This course is for everyone who is new to dressmaking or sewers who want to develop their dressmaking skills.


Beginners Dressmaking - The Basics Course is taught over 4 evenings and will cover all the skills you need to make clothes with confidence.  This is a skills based course, working with samples and focusing on specific aspects of dressmaking.

The course is designed to guide you through all of the aspects of dressmaking in a supportive and friendly environment where you can relax and enjoy learning.

All resources and materials will be provided for a small charge. then everything is ready for you to have a fabulous experience


You will cover the following:

Overview of useful tools and equipment

Fabric choices, difference between knits and woven

Selecting size and cutting out

Sewing darts

Sewing straight and curved seams


Along the way you will learn:

Taking accurate measurements with a measuring chart

Reading the pattern envelope and selecting size

Reading pattern notations and understanding notches

Transferring pattern marks onto fabric

Tips for pinning and cutting out

Marking and sewing accurate darts

Pressing for success - how to press darts

Sewing and finishing a straight and curved seam

Pressing for success - how to press seams


You will also cover the following:

Fabric choices - is it suitable for your project?

Pattern adjustment - lengthen or shorten

Seams - sewing a variety of seams and seam finishes

Zips - selecting and inserting zips.


Along the way you will learn:

How to make simple pattern adjustments

Sew  a variety of open and closed seams, including french seams and a flat felled seam

Different ways of finishing seams to prevent fraying

Different zips and applications

Inserting a standard centred zip

Inserting an invisible/concealed zip

Press for success - pressing techniques for perfect seams


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