Our fabric is sold by the half metre.

To help you get just the amount you need, if you would like to order 1 metre just enter 2 in the quantity box.To order 2m enter 4 in the quantity box; to order 2.5m, enter 5 in the quantity box, and so on.


60"/150cm wide 


Viscose fabric is a man made fabric, made from a natural fibre (wood pulp) it is often referred to as Rayon or Viscose Rayon. These Viscose fabrics are great for dressmaking, clothing, linings, dresses, blouses etc; anything that needs a nice soft drape to it.


These fabrics because they are made from a natural fibre, are cool, comfortable to wear. breathable and have a lovely drape. They are easy to work with and perfect if you like to make your own clothes.


As with any natural fabric it is advisable to wash the fabric before use.

Viscose print - blue birds and floral