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The Costermonger is the essential market tote designed as a backpack. Fill it up with wholesome goodies, leaving your hands free to tickle your dog. This is a simple satisfying sew that uses little fabric so ideal for using up some of your stash or making as a present.

Skill level; Beginner

The sample in the picture is made from Dry Oilskin,

Fabric Requirements: (this is an unlined bag)

80 – 98cm wide – 0.95M

98 – 150cm wide 0.70M

Leather Strap Version: 

Rivets or chicago screws 8 x 9mm

Metal sliders 4 x 1″  we recommend using these

Leather Strap 2 x 1″ x 89cm long 

Matching thread

When inserting the rivets we recommend using a very solid surface like a cement floor so there is no movement. You will just need a hammer to set the rivets, but you will need something to make a hole in your leather, we recommend a revolving hole punch. 

Webbing Version:

Metal sliders 2 x 1″. The sliders you need will slightly depend on the webbing you use, if you are using our plain webbing or Long Road webbing these loops work the best.

1.6m of webbing 3cm wide. We recommend our Long Road, or Plain Webbing.

Matching thread

Suggested Fabrics:

Oilskin, Dry Oilskin, Mid-Heavy weight Cotton Canvas or Drill, Mid weight Denim 

Finished measurements length 45cm, width 40cm.

The Costmonger Bag Pattern

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