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Forget about using pins!


Cutting out is the job every seamstress hates!! Not only does it take an age but you damage your pattern with pin marks and that makes it harder to reuse.

We are now pleased to offer an alternative for you. These hand made pattern weights already sell in the shop and are so popular we asked Laney to make up some for us to sell online.

These pattern weights are really heavy (weighing approx 180gm+ each) just the thing to keep your pattern pieces where you want them. They have metal inserts in them to give them the weight and are 6cm in diameter at the base and 2cm high (excluding the ribbon).


Pictures are shown for the sets of 4 - they can be ordered in sets of 8 (gift wrapped and ribboned ) They make lovely gifts.

Sets of 4 retail for £17.00 & Sets of 8 for £34.00

Postage is added at checkout, or you can order & click and collect from the shop.

Ordering a set of 8 online qualifies for free postage.


They’ve proved very popular - here’s some of the reviews:


"Can’t live without these! They are great for holding down patterns while cutting, just the right size and weight.

And they are so pretty it’s hard to choose only one set."


'Extremely well made weights and super useful for keeping fabric and patterns still! Also the actual weight of each one is quite substantial so they work very well. I might get some more!” - Annarosa
“I am super happy with these pattern weights! They look fabulous and are nice and heavy (which is what I wanted).” - Suzie



Hand Made Pattern Weights

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